Shrimp Studio

Art x Advocacy

Headline Gallery is collaborating with Shrimp Studio, providing a platform for the female-founded non-profit to launch their thoughtful products into the wider Vancouver community.


Shrimp Studio is an apparel and lifestyle brand based in Vancouver, B.C. started by Madi & Char Kennedy. Two sisters with an ambition to use their dad’s artwork as a way to start a conversation around the experience of having a family member living with Parkinson’s disease. All of the proceeds go directly to helping support research around this mysterious and difficult disease that so many people live with today.


After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015, Blaine started drawing and making art as a form of self expression. When the girls found their dad’s sketch book they fell in love with his way of expressing lines, and simple imagery with such whimsy and humor. His book was full of drawings of shrimp, shells, birds, flowers and many simple things found while living on Denman Island. Where the Shrimp idea started, they aren’t quite sure, perhaps a meal that had been cooked the night before during spot prawn season.

July 17, 2021